Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Extreme Couponing

If TLC's show extreme couponing rubbed you the wrong way like it did Nathalie and I then check out THIS blog called A FULL CUP. It is interesting all of the things that are not aired on the show. There is a lot of unknowns with this topic as far as how much money is actually being spent. Coupon clipping services charge fees per coupon, so when you see somebody buying $1,000 of groceries and paying $6.50 it is misleading because those coupons are not all free. It is really interesting and it has been the buzz lately among all of us who call ourselves frugal. There is a healthy and proper way to coupon. After all, it is not about quantity it is about quality. We will help you make sure what you are couponing for is actually beneficial to your family, not just something you got for free. In the end it is NOT how much money you have but what you do with your money that counts. I know that it is our prayer to be good stewards with the money we have and we do not want to be wasteful with the blessings God has given us.

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