Sunday, April 10, 2011


"Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners"- and I am the worst of them.
~ 1 Timothy 1:15~
Photo courtesy of Rado Gadoczi
In Saul's dramatic conversion you and I get to see the evil of a sinner's heart.

I am certainly no counselor, but I suspect that most obsessions rise from a futile attempt to fill a gaping hole somewhere deep in a life. Saul's external righteousness-ness and achieved goals left behind an itch he could not scratch. Can you imagine how miserable he must have been? Religiously righteous to the bone, inside he had nothing but innately wicked marrow. All that work, and it hadn't worked. All his righteous passion turned into unrighteous zeal, and he became dangerous.

But we also get to see the purity of a Savior's mercy. Christ met Saul on the path to his darkest, most devious sin. For this very moment, for the depths of Saul's depravity, Christ had already died. Christ literally caught him in the act.
Jesus sent Saul to open the eyes of many and turn them from darkness to light so they could receive forgiveness of sins. No greater calling exists, as well as no room for pride. God's servant was never more than a flashback from humility. No one can teach forgiveness like the forgiven.
~Excerpt taken from Beth Moore's "To Live Is Christ: Day by Day"~

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