Friday, April 1, 2011

Shaklee's GF Kids Vitamins

 Yum, right?
  I am not one of those parents who bans junk food but like all things moderation is key. The occasional treat is not a big deal but I am always wondering if they're meeting the nutritional requirements they need to grow healthy and strong? So, if I am going to give them a nutritional supplement I want to know that it has science to back it up. I grew up taking Shaklee and my mom used Shaklee products so I know it works!  Shaklee is the #1 nutritional company in the United States and many of their children vitamins are also Gluten Free!
I was recently reading over a handbook by a Dr.Jamie McManus, M.D. for Shaklee and was surprised by some of the following facts:
  • National Nutrition Survey says 25-30% of infants and toddlers age 9-24 months did not eat fruits and vegetables on a given day.
  • French fries were the most common vegetable consumed by 15-24 month
  • 46% of 7-8 month olds consumed some type of dessert, sweets or sweetened beverage!!
You can't help but think that these childrens' bodies are not functioning at the best capacity on that kind of diet. Or, that their immune system is able to fight off illness as well as it could either.

I choose to give my kids Shaklee vitamins and probiotics because I know that when they don't eat the best or are having a "picky" day their body is still getting the nutrients it needs. Shaklee also has incredible non-toxic cleaning products that Amey and I both swear by!
To find out more go to  Embrace Health.
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    I know a woman who has been using Shaklee products for years. She has got to be approaching the age of 70 by now and her skin looks so soft and smooth.

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