Friday, April 15, 2011

Find Your Raw Milk

Remember when we posted a week or so ago about Genetically Altered Cow's Milk? I couldn't help feeling really disturbed while reading that article and thinking how glad I am that my kids don't drink much cow's milk. Why do scientist have to mess with everything we eat so much? I am sure it is fun to see what chemicals can do to things but leave out food alone. Come on, I kind of think our Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when He created food.
My sister recently sent me some information about raw milk and it got me curious about how pasteurization has affected the milk we are drinking and what the benefits of drinking raw milk might be. So, I did a little research and came upon a site called Raw Milk  I know most people when they hear Raw Milk think "Eww, that's gross!" But, when you read over the health benefits of raw milk and how it was used to heal in the past I can easily get past the gross factor. Its more gross for me to serve my children a glass of hormone laden watered down "milk".

I highly recommend you check the website Raw Milk for yourself. There is a link on the site where you can locate a farm where you live that produces and sells Raw milk. I found one only 20 minutes from where I live!
Keep in mind, if you should decide to try raw milk its important to know how it is collected, what the cow's are fed and how it is stored. There is a reason pasteurization came about due to unsanitary conditions and poor diets in cow's. Raw milk can be good for you in the right conditions and should the farm near me have the right conditions I will be trying my first glass of raw milk. Bottom's up! :)


  1. hmmm I love raw milk, just can't find it here.... not for under $15 a gallon

  2. I used raw milk for awhile, bought from Whole Foods. I ran into a problem when my one year old broke out into a crazy rash, that I believe was linked to the milk, I think she had some sort of bacteria mishap(there's a name for it that I can't remember at the moment). I still think raw milk is good, but just a warning to be careful with giving it to younger children. And, like mentioned above, be careful where you get it. I also got it from a local farm, never had problems with their raw milk.:)

  3. @ Time4Mommy- I know the high price does make it one of items you have to weigh the worth of it. The farm here sells it for $7 a gallon. Not too bad!
    @ Mariah- That is so interesting about the rash. Poor thing! I guess like any new food it could cause a reaction. I am like you and stress the caution when purchasing and consuming it. Know the source and know it well.:)