Sunday, April 17, 2011


"Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy."
Prov 27:6

This morning Pastor Terry spoke about repentance and the way we are brought to repentance. Sometimes, if were lucky, we have people (friends or family) that speak truth into our lives. He shared the story of Nathan and David in the Bible from 2 Samuel 12. Nathan was a good friend, he spoke truth to David. I have been thinking about this all morning. I realized that I am blessed beyond measure to have a friend that has spoke truth to me for 20+ years. That friend was the very first Christian I met outside of my family.  She set the bar pretty high for me. She loved me for me, no matter what phases I went through or how weird I was. HA! I was pretty weird.  I am surrounded by other friends as well who speak truth to me, afterall, I am a truth person and I often "tell it like it is". LOL. Anyway, I think the point to all of this is that it is so important to keep yourself surrounded by people who love you enough to speak to you in your moments when you slip up. Pastor Terry spoke about making sure you keep an open line of communication with God to where you can repent and admit when you have messed up. As I babble on about this I will finish up with this song I heard on the way home from the store. Call me sappy if you wish. It is by Watermark, about friends that speak truth and love you through your hardships. I'm so thankful for my friends that hold me accountable and lead me along the path to repentance. Enjoy!

More than you'll ever know

Something brought you to my mind today
I thought about the funny ways you make me laugh
And yet I feel like it's okay to cry with you
Something about just being with you
When I leave I feel like I've been near God
And that's the way it ought to be...

'Cause you've been more than a friend to me
You fight off my enemies
'Cause you've spoken the Truth over my life
And you'll never know what it means to me
Just to know you've been on your knees for me
Oh, you have blessed my life
More than you'll ever know, yeah, yeah, yeah
More than you'll ever know, yeah, yeah, yeah

You had faith, when I had none
You prayed God would bring me a brand new song
When I didn't think I could find the strength to sing
And all the while I'm hoping that I'll
Do the kind of praying for you that you've done for me
And that's the way it ought to be...

You have carried me
You have taken upon a bruden that wasn't your own
And may the blessing return to you
A hundredfold, oh yeah...
A hundredfold, oh yeah...

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  1. What a great post! I think this is very important! Without honest friends that keep us accountable I think life would be empty! Hey there! I am finally getting caught up from the weekend blog hop! You are very creative. My grandma taught me how to do this once but I Have since forgotten how! I am your newest follower. I am one of the hosts! Stopping by to say hi! Hope to see ya on all my blogs :)