Friday, March 18, 2011

Are you getting your Sunday Paper for coupon clipping?

A very important thing to have in the coupon world is the SUNDAY PAPER! I got a really great deal on the STL Post. Here is the link: STL TODAY  For me, it is way easier having it delivered because they deliver early Saturday mornings and I can get a head start on the sales that start on Sundays. Plus, I do not have to drag all the kids with me in and out of the store just for a paper. If you do not want to subscribe you can purchase it at the Dollar Store for (you guessed it) 1$. This is really the first step in couponing. If you find a really great coupon maybe for 5$ off a razor, it may be worth it to purchase another paper just for another coupon. This week we are expecting 2 coupon inserts. One is called Red Plum and the other is Smart Source. Both have helpful websites where you can print SOME of their coupons. Their links are below. Red Plum is also delivered weekly in the mail, look for it with your grocery store ads. Hope this helps. 
Also, what kind of couponer would I be if I did not ask you for your unwanted coupons? If you do not want your coupons that are delivered in the mail or the paper, feel free to make a little stack for us and we will gladly put them to good use. 
Adios and Happy Friday!!

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