Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gluten Free Over the Counter Drugs

Currently, a lot of us have sick children. My GF son has had a fever for a week now and I have been giving him Walgreens generic Acetaminophen. Unfortunately, I just learned that it is not a GF medication. Can you believe there is Gluten in almost all medications? I researched it a little more and came upon a helpful website. This whole website is devoted to helping you find safe Gluten Free medication for you and your children. I was reading some of the ingredients in some of our OTC medications and I did not know what a lot of the ingredients were so here is a helpful little link to figure out all that mumbo jumbo.
Also, I do A LOT of shopping for medicine at WalGreens, so here is another helpful link for GF OTC drugs at WalGreens.

This website also has some GF Tylenol medications and other really helpful info. I learned from a friend (Thanks Steph:)) that no matter what the labels on a medication (or food label) say, you ALWAYS need to call the manufacturer just to be sure there is no wheat in their product. Apparently, the government does not regulate wheat related products just wheat itself. So, if Rye,Barley or Oats (All wheat related ingredients) are in a product it does not have to be listed in the ingredients. Always be sure to call the manufacturer to be 100% sure. I know from now on I will be making lots of annoying phone calls. I hope this helps you as much as it is helping me.

P.S. Gluten Free Nerd Moms Rock!


  1. aaaawesome!!! good post girl!:) drives me crazy that people don't understand that gf is no W,B,R & O!!! it's not just wheat! we need bracelets!:)

  2. YESSS!! We need bracelets for sure!! Steph, who are the other moms you know that are gluten Free? Can you send me a message on FB?