Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jason's Deli

    Jason?s Deli
    Courtesy of Jason's Deli

    Nathalie and I have been talking about going to Jason's Deli for a couple weeks now and I thought I would tell you about them before I forget. It is the only restaurant that I know of that have nitrate free meat and a GLUTEN FREE MENU!! Whoop Whoop!! I have links to the GF and Regular menu below. The closest location for us is in Chesterfield in the Valley. Check it out.  Jason's Deli was named the "Best restaurant Chain in America" by Parents Magazine for 2011.
    Here is the article from Parents magazine:

    Jason's Deli 225 locations in 28 states, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic, South, and Southeast
    You'll be thrilled with the ingredients. This inexpensive, family-friendly spot serves up organic produce, nitrate-free lunch meat, and whole-grain bread on both its kids' and adult menus. Last year, it became the only restaurant chain in the country to ban high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors in all its food. "With the food dyes out of our mac 'n' cheese, for instance, it's no longer bright orange, but our taste tests show kids prefer the new version," says Pat Herring, director of research and development.
    All children's meals at Jason's come with a side of organic carrots, apple slices, or a fruit cup in addition to organic milk or apple juice. "We took soda off the kids' menu to encourage children to opt for healthier drinks," says Herring. Next on tap: reducing sodium across the menu board. The organic PB&J on whole wheat is currently the lowest-sodium kids' option, with 445 milligrams (mg) per serving. The best pick for moms is the 50-plus-item salad bar loaded with organic field greens and four kinds of low-fat dressing, including delish raspberry vinaigrette.

     Go Here To check out Jason's Deli Menu.
    Go Here To check out the GLUTEN FREE MENU!!!

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