Thursday, March 3, 2011


About us

  Amey is a wife and stay at home mom to two little ones, a boy and girl. She also runs a part-time in home daycare.  In her spare time she enjoys running, chatting on the phone and baking.

  Nathalie is a wife and stay at home mom to three little ones, two girls and a boy. When not busy caring for her children she enjoys decorating her home, trying new recipes and flipping through magazines.

 All together Amey and Nathalie have been friends since the 5th grade (a long time).  The two of them share a lot in common besides raising thier children. They both love Jesus, love coffee, laughing and couponing, finding great deals and researching the new realm of Gluten free diets for their young boys.
They wanted to created this site as a place for other moms like themselves to come and be inspired. To know that they're not alone when it comes to raising children, especially ones requiring a Gluten Free (GF) diet. Were in the trenches with you! To learn more about couponing and how couponing can be done on a budget on healthy, natural and organic foods/products. To share GF ideas and recipes.

So welcome to our blog! We hope you find it informative, uplifting and enlightening!

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