Thursday, March 24, 2011

A really GREEN way to use Clothespins

This picture cracks me up. Just had to add it. Anywho, I was reading online about some ways to help encourage children to be more aware of the amounts of resources they use. I know that as parents we try to make little changes around our house to become more energy and resource efficient. Being Green is something that I want to teach my children but I had no idea where to start. So, I started doing some "googling" (researching) and I came across this really great idea to use wooden or plastic clothespins on the drinking glasses around your house. This is from a blog called Tidy Brown Wren written back in 2009. This is a really cute blog with lots of helpful organizational ideas.


 Let each child decorate a clothespin and have them clip it to their cup and leave it on all day. We go through so many cups at my house it is ridiculous. I just thought this was a cute little idea to help children become aware and pro-active and to help do their part. Probably not a good idea for coffee cups... But for plastic or glass cups its GENIUS!


  1. Love this idea!! Going to have to start using that one around here :)

  2. A wonderful idea! I have four little ones and the system we use is placing the cups in order of age, on a counter by the fridge. On the days when two kids have the same type of cup confusion can take place. I think we will try this thanks!

  3. Happy to help! I thought this was awesome too! It's a craft and it's helpful!

  4. Hi again!
    Just wanted you to know I featured this post on my blog.
    Thanks again for the great tip!